Top Tanning Tips

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is designed to filter UV rays and prevent sunburn, but will not prevent the production of melanin, meaning that your skin will tan. Choose a good SPF like Australian Gold SPF 30 spray gel with Bronzers, this product offers high protection and contains instant bronzers which will give the skin an instant glow that washes off.

Use a tanning accelerator

Tan Accelerators help speed up the skins tanning process. To work they require either natural sunlight or UV light from sun beds. Tan Accelerators contain ingredients which stimulate skin cells to produce melanin – the pigment that makes your skin go brown. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator is the worlds no.1 indoor tanning lotion, the exotic blend of ingredients makes for a super tanning formula.


One must use a moisturiser day in day out. Select a good moisturiser like Australian Gold Moisture Lock. Use a moisturiser in the morning when you get up, in the afternoon after the suntan and at night before going to sleep. Moisturising the skin keeps it soft and supple and will give you a radiant look and help prevent pealing.

Exfoliate Skin

Before tanning you should make sure you’ve exfoliated, tanning or not you should exfoliate your skin! Exfoliating with a loofah or scrubber helps get rid of the top layer of dead skin. If you exfoliate prior to tanning, your tan will start to develop on the fresh new skin that was underneath.

Avoid Spots

Tan one to two hours every day. Avoid spending too much time in the sun. One should suntan regularly over a short period of time. Expose the whole of your body to avoid spots.

Spread Body

Spread out your body well while lying down so that all parts of the body get well exposed.


Water Intake

Drink plenty of water. One must not dehydrate. Also, if you drink plenty of water, then the skin remains hydrated and retains its vitality and freshness.

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