The Importance of SPF in winter

SPF in winter

Do you use SPF in the winter?

SPF stands for sun protection factor and essentially refers to the amount of protection a product offers against the sun’s damaging rays.

In addition, the factor a product is given translates to a theoretical amount of extra time you can spend in the sun until your skin starts to become affected.

But, why do we need to use one? Well, if protection against skin cancer – including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma – isn’t enough to persuade you, it’s also recognised as the best and most effective anti-ager when it comes to preventing premature wrinkles.

Understandably though, many of us assume that wearing an SPF reserved to sweltering summer days spent on the beach but, even the cloudiest of climes can be causing damage to your skin.

In fact, approximately 80 per cent of UV rays still penetrate through clouds so it’s vital to apply an SPF all-year round.

It is advised to wear SPF on all exposed skin throughout the winter. Generally our face is the only skin on show during the cold winter months and thankfully, these formulations have come a long way from the greasy, pore-blocking creams we are used to. Australian Gold has a range of SPF products specifically for the face on the market

Logically, those with fair complexions or who tend to burn quickly should always opt for a high factor cream but that’s not to say those with olive or darker skin tones can give it a miss completely.

As a rule, everyone should be applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 on all their exposed areas.

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